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TakeTHC Delta-9 THC Syrup Shots 150mg

TakeTHC Delta-9 THC Syrup Shots (150mg)


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TakeTHC Delta-9 THC Syrup Shots Drink (150mg in 2oz nano shots) Hemp-Derived.

* Delta-9 THC Syrup Shot with 150mg total per shot
* Less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC (Derived from Hemp & Farm Bill Compliant)
* 0.3% of products total weight or less is equal to 150mg
* Equal to about 15 strong gummies
* Flavors: Blue Raspberry, Fruit Punch, Lemonade, Strawberry
* Always shipped fresh

Now you can enjoy taking thc in one of your favorite lip-smacking syrup-shot flavors. Always packed with the right amount of goodness thats equal to or better than any store out there. Pour syrup in your favorite drink, or take shots out the bottle.

Take off the lid, drink and take off with THC!

Never consume entirely in one dose by a single person.

If you take thc and ever feel uncomfortable from too much, you can place CBD under your tongue to help counteract and lessen the D9 THC intensity.

These syrup shot products with legal amounts of Delta-9 are fully compliant legal with the Farm-Bill as they are hemp-derived products and legal in all 50 States.